Appointment at IWF

At International Woodworking Fair  exhibition (held from 24th to 27th August 2016) – Atlanta, U.S.A. – PAL presented the project LIFE12 ENV/IT/000374.

Tests activity

PAL has performed several tests on the camera control system, focusing on the detection, identification and selection processes at various speeds of the conveyor belt, for different volumes of material. The pilot plant has been tested with one camera first (test with virgin wood with the addition of different content of plastics, and test with […]

Appointment at XYLEXPO

At XYLEXPO exhibition (held from 24th to 28th May 2015) – Milan, ITALY – PAL presented the project LIFE12 ENV/IT/000374.

New article “Project of the month”

An article of the project was published on the website of Environmental Ministry in Italy.

The Pilot Plant installation is concluded

The integration of units and accessory components at PAL premises has been done. See Progress Section for more details.

Appointment at Ecomondo

The project LIFE12 ENV/IT/000374 was presented at Ecomondo fair in Rimini – ITALY (held from 03rd to 06th November 2015). At Ecomondo exhibition PAL presented different aspects of the project and showed the Plastic Killer machine. On 4th November PAL met Simone Pagni, the new Monitoring Team.


The workshop has been held on 3rd November 2015 at Palazzo BO of Padua. This meeting had the aim to create a networking with others European projects and disseminate the project Plastic Killer. You can read the schedule at this link. The following contributions have been given about the use of European funds and the […]

Appointment at LIGNA

At LIGNA exhibition (held from 11th to 15th May 2015) – Hannover, Germany – CEPRA and PAL presented the project LIFE12 ENV/IT/000374.


Thanks to Cepra’s support, a technical article was published on ExpoFairs (link).

PHOTONICA 2015 (May 2015 Torino) – Sardinia Symposium 2015 (October 2015 Santa Margherita di Pula)

UNIPD has submitted contributions regarding Plastic Killer project to the next conferences PHOTONICA 2015 (May 2015 Torino) symposium of the SIOF (Italian Optical and Photonics Society) and Sardinia Symposium 2015 – 15th international waste management and landfill symposium; in Santa Margherita di Pula (CA), October 2015 where a wide audience including stakeholders and technical operators […]

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