The workshop has been held on 3rd November 2015 at Palazzo BO of Padua. This meeting had the aim to create a networking with others European projects and disseminate the project Plastic Killer. You can read the schedule at this link. The following contributions have been given about the use of European funds and the synergy with other EU projects: W-LAP (Waste eliminating and water-free new revolutionary technology for surface treatments of marbles, stones and tiles), BIMOP (Bio-Inspired thermos/UV curable monomers and polymers), ENRICH A POOR WASTE (Original ennobling recycling process of GFRP waste to re-produce GFRP replacing energyintensive construction elements), LIFE of WATER is MAN LIFE (Minimize the water footprint of the impactful H2O waste in the cutting cycle of natural stone blocks), LIFE SUSTAINABLE MISSION (Test 1.0 of chemical industry for global sustainable organization as industrial total symbyosis and low energy and water), LIFE ZEF_TILE (Zero emission firing strategies for ceramic tiles by oxy-fuel burners and CO2 sequestration with recycling of byproducts), LIFE IN SUSTAINBUILDING (Sustainable recycling in polyvalent use of energy saving buildings elements), PLASTIC KILLER (Innovative plastic pollutants removal for efficient recycled wood panels production), ECOCOURTS (ECOlogical COurtyards United for Resources saving through smart Technologies and life Style.